Cabin RENTAL in Meredith,COlorado  

Check in time 4:00 pm    Check out time 1:00 pm

Unless otherwise arranged

Rates include all taxes and fees

Summer Rates

June through September - $225 per night, 2 night minimum (rates are for 4 people).  An additional $50.00 per person per night above 4 people.  

October through November - $ 3500 - 5 nights (rates are for 5 people) Rate average $700.00 per hunter, $140.00 a night per hunter.  An additional $100.00 per hunter per night  above 5 people. 

December through May - $200 per night , 2 night minimum  (rates are for 4 people).   An additional $ 50.00 per person per night above 4 people. 

Deposit - 50% non-refundable deposit required upon reservation.  Deposit placed toward the rental fee.

Cleaning Fee and taxes Included in the rate

Pet Friendly  & Non Smoking Cabin

This is Bear Country

Be Aware

Winter Off Season Rates

Hunting Season

Monthly Rates Available during off season upon request